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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meet Lil Diddy

Young Hollywood is always on top of the latest and the greatest. Pay close attention to Hip Hop Mini Mogul. Lil Diddy a.k.a. Christian Combs interviewed high profile guests (including yours truly) at The Rock n Roll of Hip Hop Gallery event hosted by his beautiful mother, Kim Porter.

He's a natural and already has goals of being the next rapper, entrepreneur, and music producer. Want to be like Lil Diddy? Take his Dad's advise, keep writing rhymes, do good in school and go to college.


  1. Aww..he's such a cutie pie! Has all the swagger of his dad! You know he's going to be running things when he's older. Love his confidence. Go Lil Diddy!

  2. Lil Diddy killed his interview. He got great aspirations to be so young. Yo can see that he got that same swag that Diddy got. Keep doin ya thing...

  3. Lil Diddy is doing his thing! What a great interview. He knows how to ask the right questions at the right time. Can't wait to see him blow up in the years to come.

  4. Future Mogul for real!! I like how he kept the shades on so you couldn't see his eyes tho. he was so focused and aggressive on the mic, straight natural. check out his youtube video tho!! hilarious!!