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Friday, July 31, 2009

What's Hot: The Red Lip!

Ever since I walked in the LA M.A.C. store, I have been in love with my Ruby-Woo matte lipstick! I have been wearing red lipstick with every outfit lately! I think it is so hot right now! I love seeing matte red on stars like Rihanna, Megan fox, and super models on the runways! I was afraid to wear red lipstick at first, thinking that it would look terrible on me. Then one day I got the courage to wear it and it was a hit! Here are a couple of pics of me spotted wearing my red lips!! Enjoy!

(You can click on each picture to get a closer look!)

Monday, July 27, 2009

What's Hot: "Making His Band"

Today is the Premiere of Sean "Diddy" Comb's reality TV show, Making His Band! The show is said to be about Diddy finding a band to go on the road to accompany him on his "Last Train to Paris Tour". The show will also feature Laurie Ann Gibson, world renowned choreographer, Om'Mas Keith, producer and lyricist, Rob Lewis, songwriter to the the stars, Nisan Stewart, musical director/unofficial peacemaker, and Romeo, former vocal coach to Michael Jackson himself, who are judges to help Diddy find the perfect musicians! If you enjoyed "Making the Band" or "I want to work for Diddy" then you will not want to miss this high-anticipated show! I am so excited that it is finally here! I have been waiting and anticipating its arrival! I give the show a thumbs up already; I just know it's going to be a hit! Well it is set to air on MTV at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Let me know what you think of the show after it airs! I'll be waiting for your response!

Watch the trailer from PtwittyTV:

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What's Hot: Love is in the Air! ¡El amor está en el aire!

Today I went to my friends Marlen and Samual's wedding! It was such a beautiful and exciting event, to witness my friends get married! Marlen was soooo beautiful and happy! Everyone in that room could see the love that they had for each other! This couple is young too! Marlen is 22 , while Sam is 21! I think it is beautiful how Sam found the women of his dreams and Marlen found her Prince Charming! Also, the wedding was soo cool because it was in English and spanish! Marlen's family is of Mexican decent, so for some of her family to understand, they needed an interpreter! Take a look at the pictures from their wedding, and see what I wore to this exciting event!

¡Fui hoy a mis amigos Marlen y a la boda de Samual! ¡Era tal hermoso y el acontecimiento emocionante, atestiguar a mis amigos consigue casado! ¡Marlen era soooo hermoso y feliz! ¡Cada uno en ese sitio podría ver el amor que tenían para uno a! ¡Este par es joven también! ¡Marlen es 22, mientras que Sam es 21! ¡Pienso es hermoso cómo Sam encontró que las mujeres de sus sueños y Marlen encontraron a su príncipe el encantar! ¡También, la boda era soo fresco porque estaba en inglés y español! ¡El familia de Marlen está de decente mexicano, así que para algo de su familia a entender, necesitaron a un intérprete! ¡Heche una ojeada los cuadros de su boda, y vea lo que desgasté a este acontecimiento emocionante!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's New: Cali Diary #6 Ari On the red carpet!

While I was in LA, SuperStar Nail Lacquer had to do an event for THE EXCLUSIVE "HOUSE OF VINYL" 2009 BET AWARDS POST EVENT! I had a few interviews as well as took pictures! The most exciting part of walking the red carpet was that Patrick McMullan took my photos! He is an IDOL in the photography world! One of his famous books that I love is called Glamour Girls! To be photographed by him is a defining moment in my life and professional career!

What to wear? A snapshot into Ari's Closet!

So today I was looking in my closet with my mom and she said I should share it with you guys! Once you take a look at the pictures, you can tell that I love fashion and anything that's hot! I just love shoes and clothes! A lot of my friends love to stay in my closet just to try on clothes like it's Barneys or something! One friend in particular says that it's not a closet but a store!

Below: Jewelry Section!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What's Hot? Short Hair Vs. Long Hair

So today I was reading an article about how an editor from a major fashion magazine had a bad break up with her boyfriend because she cut her hair! He thought of her as less attractive just because her locks were not long and flowing! Is it really that serious to guys? Is a girls beauty determined by how long or short her hair is? I'm not here to say either is better. I am not going to bash the girls with long hair and say it's not about that, because truth be told people want long hair! Weaves are the best things since sliced bread! On the other hand I'm not going to say girls with short hair are less attractive because they can be just as bad or badder than girls with long hair! Look at Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, or Keri Hilson!

Beautiful Ladies Rockn the short hair!





Beautiful Ladies Rockn their long Locks!



Now it's up to you to choose! In my opinion, girls with long hair and short hair are beautiful! I must admit that I fell into the trap of this never ending debate! I had REAL flowing long hair before I decided to cut it into a bob! My family is made up of girls with VERY long hair, so not having long hair made me have a complex! I thought I was less attractive! I had to realize that it's really not about the length, it's about what looks good on you! Lesson learned should be to pick the best hair style for you! Some people should NEVER rock the short hair, and others are fly! So go for what's HOT ON YOU!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cali Diary #6: Upscale Host Pre- BET Awards Event!

If you read the previous post you may be asking yourself, "Why is Ariana, who talks about fashion, wearing the same outfit to two events?" Well I had a super busy night! I had to go to two major events in the same night! Right after I left Miss Kim Porter's event, I had to head over to the Upscale Magazine Event hosted by Tony Rock and LeToya Luckett to do some work for SuperStar Nail Lacquer! I'm not even going to front like my feet where not on fire! OMG I wore a little over a 4 inch heel, why? I guess what they say is true, Beauty is pain sometimes! Anyways, here are the pics with the hot stars of the night!

Host: Tony Rock

Above: Co-Host LeToya Luckett

Above: Seeing my mother's Friend Sherri Shepard from "The View"

Above: Jazze Pha

Above: Jackie Long

Above: Doing some recording!

Cali Diary #5: Kim Porters "The Rock N Roll of Hip Hop" Event!

Kim Porter, who is a model, business woman, entrepreneur, mother, and so much more, hosted an Event in LA that was the hot spot and talk of the town! Everybody who was anybody was there to help support Miss Porter host The Rock N' Roll of Hip Hop Photo Exhibit opening for photographer Cheryl Fox! Take a look at the fab pics and art that was displayed!

Above: The family! Kim Porter, Diddy, Cheryl Fox!

Above: Miss Kim Porter! The Host!

Above: Quincy Brown

Above: BJ Coleman

Above: JaMaal Buster ( Eyelash Guru to the Stars! I love him!!)

Above: LiL Mama with Rizing Star Raspberry SuperStar Nail Lacquer!

Above: The Family!! I love them!!

Above: Kanye

Above: Where the event was hosted!