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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fun In The City!

I had a wonderful time in New York last week. I was excited to spend time with my family in the city since we hardly get to travel together because of our busy schedules. I had one day off to shop and get some yummy dessert from Magnolia, then the next day was all meetings to do business! I took some pictures to share with you all... Enjoy!

Having Fun In NYC At Magnolia Bakery!

Gucci and I in NYC!

On my way to BET!

In NYC for media meetings, then heading over to BET.com!

BET offices!

At Honey Magazine in New York City this morning. I had a busy schedule today!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sale on Superstar Nail Lacquer Colors!

SALE SALE SALE!! TODAY IS 5 FOR $25 ON SUPERSTAR NAIL LACQUER COLORS!! Type in 5for25 in the discount code box to receive your discount!


Superstar Nail Lacquer in the Media

Spotted! Superstar Nail Lacquer's NEW City collection on Makeup By Celly's blog! They are the hot new colors for fall. Celia has a contest going on right now for you all to win free lacquer's from Superstar. Make sure to visit her blog at www.makeupbycelly.com and read the contest rules so you can be entered! Go now before it's too late!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Superstar Nail Lacquer on Beauty Is Bliss 101 Blog!

Superstar Nail Lacquer has been spotted on popular blogger, Morgan Stinson's blog! Make sure to visit her blog Beauty Is Bliss 101! Morgan is so fab, and has a lot of great posts that you would enjoy! Plus, she is a student at Michigan State, which is the best school in the world lol! Well maybe I say that because I go there :)

Superstar Nail Lacquer on Lacquerized Blog!

Superstar Nail Lacquer's City Collection was named one of the hottest collections to have for the fall according to Lacquerized blogger Michele! See what Michele had to say about our line!

Click the ad to read more about what Michele had to say:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Who's Hot: RaidR

When I met the girls Deja, Bobbie, and Taja Riley, I knew there was something special about these girls! They are the daughters of the talented Teddy Riley. The girls formed a group called Raidr that is creating buzz around the country! Plus their music is fab! I was able to do an exclusive interview with the girls about music, their famous father, and what it takes to make it. See what they had to say!

Q: I love how you all are sisters and apart of a group that is blowing up! When did you all decide you wanted to sing and start a group?

A: We've been working on our project for months now, but my sisters and I have been performing and making up songs together since we were younger.

Q: I know that you all are always in the studio working and producing music. Most people think that doing music is all fun and games. Tell us about the hard work that comes with being an artist.

A: It is fun and games because we love what we do but it's also very much so hard work, it doesn't happen over night but the girls and i just stay grounded and continue working.

Q: What is some advice you all would give someone who wanted to be in the music industry?

A: Just keep working and practicing but know what your getting into, what lifestyle your asking for before you pursue it.

Q: Being the daughters of one the most successful R&B artist/producers, how has that influenced your music? What category would you label your music as?

A: We think growing up it kept us musically inclined and driven for the things that we wanted. Our songs have a Pop/Electric sound. They are very different and futuristic! We look forwards to everyone hearing it!!

Q: What are two keys you believe are important to have in order to be successful?

A: Determination and Discipline!

Follow them on twitter @RaidR3

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Color Of The Day: Uptown Girl

Color of the day is Uptown Girl! It's the polish that looks just like minx! Click www.superstarnaillacquer.com and purchase your bottle today.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Day In The Life Of Ariana Pierce

Come spend a day with me as I share a little about my life! Also, I have a segment called Ask Ari! So leave your questions under the comment section of this blog, and I will pick one to answer for the next video blog.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Come shopping with the heiress!

Somerset Mall has to be the best place after Michigan State of course LOL! I did some shopping with my family, but I wanted to bring you guys along for the trip. I tried on a few dresses and purchased some hot shoes! I can't show you everything I bought, because it would ruin the fashion diary post I do for you guys. Anyways, here is your chance to come with me shopping! Enjoy!!

P.S. Special thanks to my girls (in last pic) for posing for my blog! You girls are the hottest!! Can't wait to see you soon ;)

Hot Girls Support The Billionheir Club

Here a couple of hot girls I picked to put on the blog! I chose these three girls because they are so sweet, love fashion, and support The Billionheir Club ALL THE TIME! Thank you ladies for sending in your photos! :)




Friday, July 16, 2010

What's Hot: Superstar's Army Green Polish

You keep seeing army green all over the runways and in magazines! From the green blazers, to the army cargo pants, to the green polish, you cannot go wrong! Superstar Nail Lacquer has a hot Army Green nail polish that is a must have for the season. Purchase yours today before it's sold out! www.superstarnaillacquer.com

(above pic: www.kimkardashian.com)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fashion Diary 7/15/10: "Well Suited"

I'm so in love with blazers! OMG I could wear them everyday LOL! I kept the look simple with a fitted blazer, black fitted jeans, heels, and HAWT earrings by Style Shoppe.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hot Photo shoot

Yesterday I did a mini photo shoot for Superstar Nail Lacquer, Phone Candi, and Style Shoppe Jewelry! Of course you guys already know I LOVE taking pictures, so doing this turned into a party instead of doing business LOL!

The polish is City Girl by Superstar Nail Lacquer, Chunky Jewelry is by Style Shoppe, and the Blinged Phone Case is by Phone Candi.

Monday, July 12, 2010

What's Hot: Ari's "Fashion Diary" Pictures

Hey loves! I decided to post my Fashion Diary Pics from the last few days. I love fashion, and I would love to see what your fashion is like! So email me at aritheheiress@gmail.com and send me your fashion diary for the day.. I can't wait to see them!

To see more Fashion Diary pics follow me on twitter: @aritheheiress Or add me on Facebook: Ari The Hieress

Above: Fashion Diary 6/25: "Nights In The City"

Above: Fashion Diary 7/4: "American Girl"

Above: Fashion Diary 7/9: "I can be your A.N.G.E.L."

Above: Fashion Diary 7/11: "Ocean Blue"

Above: Fashion Diary 7/12: "Marni on the feet"

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Fabulous Trip To The Waldorf Astoria In Orlando, Fl

I had so much this week in Sunny Orlando, Florida! My mom hosted her first VIP Experience Seminar at the Waldorf Astoria. Oh how much I learned from her and my dad about increasing my business and building the right connections for success in life. Of course, I had to through in a little fun while I was there. I even got to ride a balloon that went 400ft in the air!! All I could see was fireworks...Literally! LOL
Enjoy the pics

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What's Hot: Vote For Dr. Stacia To Win Oprah's My OWN Network Contest

Yesterday Channel 6 news did a story on my mother, Dr. Stacia Pierce. It was such a great piece. They discussed my mothers conferences, her books, and of course the Oprah's My OWN Network contest that she has entered. I decided that I would take you guys into my living room to watch her story on the news.