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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Who's Hot: RaidR

When I met the girls Deja, Bobbie, and Taja Riley, I knew there was something special about these girls! They are the daughters of the talented Teddy Riley. The girls formed a group called Raidr that is creating buzz around the country! Plus their music is fab! I was able to do an exclusive interview with the girls about music, their famous father, and what it takes to make it. See what they had to say!

Q: I love how you all are sisters and apart of a group that is blowing up! When did you all decide you wanted to sing and start a group?

A: We've been working on our project for months now, but my sisters and I have been performing and making up songs together since we were younger.

Q: I know that you all are always in the studio working and producing music. Most people think that doing music is all fun and games. Tell us about the hard work that comes with being an artist.

A: It is fun and games because we love what we do but it's also very much so hard work, it doesn't happen over night but the girls and i just stay grounded and continue working.

Q: What is some advice you all would give someone who wanted to be in the music industry?

A: Just keep working and practicing but know what your getting into, what lifestyle your asking for before you pursue it.

Q: Being the daughters of one the most successful R&B artist/producers, how has that influenced your music? What category would you label your music as?

A: We think growing up it kept us musically inclined and driven for the things that we wanted. Our songs have a Pop/Electric sound. They are very different and futuristic! We look forwards to everyone hearing it!!

Q: What are two keys you believe are important to have in order to be successful?

A: Determination and Discipline!

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  1. I didn't know you interviewed people but i hope there are more soon. I also like the videos you made and make more of those as well.