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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What's Hot : Look Hot In High Fashion

2009 I declared I was done not having the beach body I wanted! I wanted a make0ver. I wanted something different. Most of all I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle. The same should go for you! If you feel like you want to get healthy, and start over with your look for 2010, then join the movement!! This year I want to help transform lives through weight loss and healthy living! We all want to live long and enjoy our children. It does not hurt to turn a few heads looking good with our new look! Besides I wanted to be fit for spring so I can rock the floral frocks and be just in time for those sleeveless chiffon dresses.
Call Erin Johnson, my assistant, at 517-214-7201 to find out how I lost weight and changed my life for 2010!

Above: Frocks I wanted to look great in!

source 1st pic

Monday, January 25, 2010

What's to Come: Blessed & Cursed (The Movie)

It's a wrap! I was so excited about the chance to work with Deitrick Haddon on his first film! I absolutely loved the cast, we became a real family! Its like we can't live without each other lol! Check out the pictures from behind the scenes of the movie , Blessed & Cursed.
with drew sidora from the game and step up
getting my hair done on set
with Jor'el from the group 21:03
Deitrick haddon, my bro ryan pierce on the left
Irocc and Drew Sidora
Getting glam'd up for a scene
with Sheryl lee Ralph
Jor'el, Ari, Mali, Irocc, Melody, Drew Sidora
with Mali Music
with Jessica Reedy from Sunday's Best
with group 21:03
with Irocc Williams
with the writer of blessed and cursed, deitrick haddon
me! ;)
We are family! The last day of shooting the movie

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's Hot: Helping those in need

Here is the Beautiful Rihanna's performance from The Oprah Show! Wyclef and Rihanna were featured on the show to pay tribute and give awareness to the relief efforts for those who are in Haiti.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's Hot: Girls who dream big!

 My name is Lakeithea Anderson and I am a local fashion blogger in Tennessee. Back in  February 2008 I got the chance to attend New York Fashion Week as press for Culture Shock Magazine. When I got the email that we were accepted to come and cover the events, I was in shock! It is every girls dream to walk Bryant Park during New York Fashion Week. When I arrived to New York City, which was my first time ever going to New York, I was so happy to be there. Knowing that I was just a few hours away from attending my very first two fashion shows, which were Ports 1961 and Icodice. As I arrived off the plane I was excited but that excitement died quickly once I learned that our driver had forgotten my cousin Kristain Miller (who at the time was a promoter for Culture Shock Magazine) and I, so we were stuck at the airport....
The next morning I awaken with better thoughts and finally made it up to Bryant Park to get
my press passes. Kristain Miller and I were getting the run around while looking for the place to sign in. Amazingly we finally made it to the destination and despite all the beginning trouble, once inside Bryant Park, I knew I was where I belonged. I can still to this day remember every company inside Bryant Park and where each was located. I quickly made my way around everywhere to meet and greet and also do some networking. After leaving from the inside of Bryant Park all I wanted to do was WORK I didn't want to party or shop, all that was on my mind was emailing and doing phone calls so that I can experience every different area of New York Fashion Week. 

My favorite thing about it all was the Fashion Shows. I just could not believe I was there to see all the creativity and inspiration up close and personal. My favorite was Zang Toi and I can recall coming out of the Fashion Show with Culture Editor-In-Chief Tatiana Johnson and seeing PETA there and despite the protest going on I was excited and I knew I made it (great way to an amazing ending). My favorite event was the Ebay closing party. 

 Being in Tennessee is so different from being in New York but I like to keep the mindset I had in New York. Each day in New York I knew I had to put my A game on and play the part. Now in Tennessee I wake up and no matter if I am going to my college campus to do some work or sitting in my bedroom to work on my own fashion blog, I get prayed up, dressed up, and imagine myself going to work for some big fashion empire and working for clients that I love. It has really helped because I get a lot of work done and my best work done. I continue to make a lot of great connections with different pr firms, designers, and more. I believe in dreaming big and New York Fashion Week has inspired me to dream even bigger!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What's New: Phone Candi's Spring collection

The ALL NEW Blinged out phone case from Phone Candi is out!!! The colors are pink, blue, and yellow, which are perfect for spring! It is available for the Blackberry Tour and Iphone 3G. If you would like to purchase this case, order exclusively from Phone Candi representative Erin Johnson at 517-214-7201. Price: $39.99

Monday, January 4, 2010

What's Hot: Military x Knee High Boots

Today I wanted to do a "Fashion Diary" post about my outfit for January 4, 2010. The look is military but yet feminine. I paired the outfit with knee high boots to add flair! I looovvvee these boots! They are killer! Take a look!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What's Hot: Rodarte

I felt so fab in my Rodarte dress today! It was absolutely fabulous! If you remember Teen Vogue's December 2009 issue with Dakota Fanning, it is the exact same dress she wore in her Photoshoot. If you are not familiar with Rodarte, look it up and research it! It's definitely a designer label you should know!

Click on pic to see the bows on the back of the dress

Saturday, January 2, 2010

How I choose What's To Come for Superstar Nail Lacquer!!

We absolutely love fashion and are oh so crazy over color! Catch us late Saturday morning pouring over magazines vibing to the fast-rate exciting pulse of the fashion world, catching our colorvision for the next designer collection. Everything we do is inspired by color, what is fashion sans the powerful electric blue or a ritzy raspberry splash? Louis Vuitton Spring collection reflects the dawn of a new era, there’s something heartfelt about the razzy raspberry used in the collection, something, dare we say, ethereal about the golden accents found on the hardware details of the accessories. Not too mention the powerful pinks and corals found in Zac Posen’s spring line.

For months we collected fabric strips, paint swatches and magazine tear sheets, and pieced them all together on a vision board. The beautiful collection of color and textures is very inspiring. We often find it a pleasurable experience to meditate on what’s to come. Our new Successory Couture collection is filled with vibrant colors with high-powered names like Rising Star Raspberry and My Publicist Loves Pink. This new collection is dedicated to the working girl, committed to fashion and success.

Fashion is defined in color. So put on your rosy shades and take a look at what inspires us to create our designer polish collection!

Visit: www.superstarnaillacquer.com

Friday, January 1, 2010

What's Hot: The All New Heiress

First Blog of the year!!! I wanted to show you guys what outfit I wore for my New Year's celebration! It was sooo beautiful! I wanted to start the new year looking right!