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Friday, March 27, 2009

Who's Hot: States Hot!!!

So tonight was a great night!! I went to Champs to watch the MSU boys basketball team play Kansas. At first, I must admit that they did struggle but I knew that they would come through no matter what those haters at the restaurant were saying. (But I was about to throw my H2O bottle at the screen if MSU missed one more shot!)  I told my friend that they would win, because I could feel it deep down! I guess I just had to prove him wrong (Tyrone your such a HATER)!! But did anybody else think Kalen was HOT or what tonight!! Oh yea, his game was hot too lol!! When MSU beat kansas 67-62 the restaurant went CRAZY! They turned the disco lights on, and we sang the MSU fight song! I really enjoyed watching that game, with alllll that BEAUTY, I mean talent on the court!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's Hot: Spartan Pride!!!!

On March 22, 2009 the Men's Basketball team beat USC, 74-69. To advance to the Sweet 16 for the 8th time in 12 years. Thanks to the help of our big ten defensive player of the year, Travis Walton, who scored 18 points to lift the Spartans

Two days later I was at the women's basketball game when they upset number one seed Duke in historic fashion behind a packed East Lansing crowd. I wish you could have been there! This game literally had me on my feet the whole time (and I never stand up at games).  Shout out to my girl Mia Johnson, who lead the Spartans in this huge upset! Scoring 17 points, 3 rebounds, and 4 assists!!! (They have also advanced to the Sweet 16!)

 Here are some of the pics from the game!

Watch the girls Saturday at 9 pm vs. Iowa State
Watch the boys Friday at 9:37 pm vs. Kansas 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Who's New On the Block!

Ok everyone, so while my parents were gone to the beautiful state of Hawaii (yes it's a state, that was not a mistake :)), I got a new pet!! A Betta Fish!! If you didn't notice, I was a little board so I went to Meijer and bought a fish! I'm like really excited about the new addition to my family!! She  is soooo easy to take care of! All I have to do is feed her 3x a day!! LOL!!
Her name is French Fashionista because she looks like one of my Nail Lacquer colors from the SuperStar Nail Lacquer line! 

See, they look just alike!! lol!!  To order French Fashionista click here at www.superstarnaillacquer.com

Monday, March 9, 2009

All Access Pass

Hey everyone, this is my new blog show, Backstage Pass. I will give you behind the scenes interviews with celebrities and an All Access Pass to the hottest places and people in the country. 

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What's New: Privileged!

How many of you have heard of the new hit t.v. series, Privileged? If you like gossip girl, you would definitely like this show. The show is about a live-in tutor, played by JoAnna Garcia. She tutors two young RICH twin girls played by Lucy Kate Hale and Ashley Newbrough. This show is full of fashion and drama!! OMG this is absolutely my favorite show! 
Plus they wear SuperStar Nail Lacquer!!!! They have worn Lady-Like Pink, Posh Plum and many more colors! But make sure to watch episodes of Privileged at http://www.cwtv.com/shows/privileged
Here are a few pics that I took while on set of Privileged with the cast!!

So this is my dream boyfriend, Brian Hallisay! JK!!
Allan Louis and I!

Lucy kate Hale and I! I love this girl! She Plays one of the twins, Rose!
Me on set!! 
Outside of set!
Lucy with Style Shoppe "Phone Candy"! Order yours today!! 

You can order SuperStar Nail Lacquer at www.superstarnaillacquer.com
To order "Phone Candy" go to www.Styleshoppe.com

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What's Hot: Ariana's Point of View!

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed the interviews I did with these college students! But I just want to take a sec to give my 2 cents on having real fashion and style. 
Well ladies, it is important to always keep your hair, nails, and feet done! OMG!! This is key to having great style! No guy wants to see a girl with hair all over her head like she just woke up!  When you keep your nails and feet done, it just adds a little bit more spice to you! Another thing that is important for us ladies is to learn how to wear heels!! Despite what some guys may say, THE MAJORITY of men like women in heels! It adds flair and swagger to your outfit! Yes some guys may say they do not care, but look at who they love on t.v.: Beyonce, Rihanna, J. Lo, Keri Hilson, the list could go on, but all these ladies wear heels, dress up, and put on make-up, which makes them look exotic and super fly! This does not mean you have to wear heels 24/7, but it does mean you should always look put together! For the guys, I think just being neat and clean cut is key..I personally like guys that wear tighter fitting clothes, like pharrell/kanye, Jonas Brothers look, but whatever your style is, just make sure to be you! 


In Order from top to bottom: J. Lo, Rihanna, Beyonce, and Keri Hilson. 

Who's Hot: Campus Students With Swagger

Loretta Morman: Loretta is a Senior at Michigan State University. This girl right here is so bomb! I love her!! She is one of the prettiest and flyest girls on campus! (guys if you are trying to holla, your gonna have to come through her little big sis, ME! LOL jk) No, but loretta is the type of person who dresses great, but still is so outgoing and nice! Not stuck up at all!! Take a look at an interview I did with her about what she thinks it takes to have great style:

  The Heiress: Describe your style?

  Loretta:I would describe my style as edgy, yet suttle at times. I can be a girly girl at times but can still pull off that "tom-boy" style

  The Heiress:Who is your style icon-( who do you look to for your style- can be any celebrity/famous figure)

  Loretta: My style-icon lately has been Teyana Taylor ( Pharrell's Female Artist). I love her style because she is daring, and not afraid to try new things

 The Heiress:What advice would you give others that are trying to define their style?

 Loretta: I would say just "Do you". If you are confident in who you are, then ur style will compliment/display your personality.

 The Heiress: Do you think style is important for college students? In what way will it help or hinder them?

 Loretta:I actually do not think that style is that important for college students. We all go through our economic struggles at times through these years and because of that, style becomes less of a priority. I think that college is the time when people are not hindered by not having style. You can get away with wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt all week without getting "teased" or "talked about".

 The Heiress: What look/style do you like best for guys?

  Loretta: I think my favorite style for guys is definitely the "skaterboy" style. I think the dunks sneakers, tighter jeans, and graphic t-shirts is so fly on a guy.

 The Heiress: When you meet the opposite sex, what is the first thing you notice about them?
 Loretta: I definitely look at the guy's shoes! If his shoes are not up to par, then I get turned off.

 The Heiress:What does it take for a girl to have swagger or be classy?

  Loretta: I think that the way that the female carries herself determines her swagger and classiness. If she acts "hoodish" then that is how she will be viewed. If she is more reserved, proper, and refined, then she will be labeled as classy.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Who's Hot: Campus Students With Swagger

Rodney James: Majoring in Marketing, Rodney James is a proud student of Michigan State University. He is a pretty fly guy who has great style! If you see Rodney going to class, he is definitely one of the flyest dudes in the room. For some reason though, he thinks his style is bummy while on campus, but in everyone else's mind, he is constantly fresh. (I guess he is just THAT FLY! lol) So take a look at an interview I did with Rod, and see what he has to say about style:

THE HEIRESS: Describe your style.

RODNEY: My style is timeless...its never trendy, I dont follow trends....you could take a picture of me from 03 or 04 when I was 13 and 14 and look at it now, and fashion wise I look the same, only more mature. Most of the stuff I wear is exclusive, I dont shop at the mall only small boutiques. (---Disclaimer: Most of the designers I wear people cant pronounce the names so dont hurt yourself when trying : )--)

THE HEIRESS: Who is your style icon?

RODNEY: My style icon is KanYe, and only for one reason. He is not afraid to step outside of societal norms and do something. (Note I did said "do" something as opposed to saying "wear" something bc ure style is not defined by just what clothes you have on"). Before Kanye it was not socially acceptable to dress how I dress because no one else was doing it in the mainstream, now that Ye made it mainstream he made it ok for guys like me to wear jeans and limited edition shirts that fit and wear sneakers besides Air Force Ones.

THE HEIRESS: What advice would you give others that are trying to define their style?

RODNEY: To those of you trying to define your style....do what is practical. If its dead winter and snowing throw on some boots and keep the sneakers in the closet. Also wear clothes that are flattering to your body type...if ure skinny dont wear baggy jeans and a tall tee that goes down to your knees...Be you, and be comfortable (ie girls we can tell that you are struggling when u are walking in heels it pains us to watch you walk in them...either walk around the house in heels and learn how to walk in them or stick to flats and sneakers...thanks).

THE HEIRESS: Do you think style is important for college students?

RODNEY: Style is not that important as a college student, everytime I go to class, im not dressed as I would be if I was stepping out of the house during summer. I only brought very few clothes/shoes up to school, dressing nicely at school was the last thing on my mind. I am here to go to school and not to stunt on everybody when in go to class. College kids should save their money for other things besides spending it on clothes. Most colleges kids including me are broke anyway.

THE HEIRESS: What look or style do you like best for girls?

RODNEY: Honestly...girls look best in sweats and a hoodie or T shirt with no make up. This is when you can get a good idea of wat kind of girl she is...I hate it when girls always feel the need to be dressed up...be comfortable with yourselves and throw on those sweats from time to time. But if ure going out...girls with sneakers have a special place in my heart...its getting to the point where I almost done like girls in heels anymore.(Because everygirl just wears heels all the time now!...be different!)

THE HEIRESS: When you meet the opposite sex, what is the first thing you notice?

RODNEY: The first thing I notice in girls is their hair ,then the amount of make up they have on, then wat shoes they have on, and then everything else. 

(Note 1. : if you have a Coach bag...uhm I immediately think, "ok so this girl knows nothing about leather goods, but decided to run out and get a tacky coach bag with a bunch of Cs on it just to fit in with the crowd when you shouldve waited and saved up for a nice Louis bag.)

(Note 2:...if you have a fake Louis, Gucci, basically any fake anything...I have ZERO respect for your fashion sense...nada...none...zip...
zero...save up and buy the real thing dont rush to be some garbage that looks like trash...and you really thought you could pass that off as real...people like you give me and my friends stuff to talk about thanks for that!)

THE HEIRESS: What does it take for a guy to have swagger?

RODNEY: It takes a strong mentality to have "swag", and thats it...the clothes dont make the man...the man makes the clothes if people can tell you look uncomfortable in wat you have on, then no one will like it. Just be you and blaze your own trail. I dont even read GQ or Esquire or Complex or any of that stuff...im not up on the latest trend and honestly I could care less wat the next guy has on. All I know is that I will contine rockin my dry japanese denim and limited sneakers till I die no matter what the blogs or the magazine says. 

 This high fashion stuff is not for everyone so if think my interview was to raw for you, then you weren't ready for this fashion scene you are trying to break into. (Note how I didnt drop any designers or Brands I wear...I dont want just anyone wearing what I wear...if you can recognize what it is by lookin at it then you are a CHAMPION, and we would prolly be good friends...if not im urging you to TRY and catch up!

Who's Hot: Campus Students With Swagger


Kameron Harris: A student of Michigan State University, Kameron is majoring in Economics. (which I think is pretty cool!!) In my opinion, he is the flyest dude on campus! There is NEVER a day or time when I see kam looking busted or off point. He has a great personality, is smart, and stays fly! So here is an interview highlighting what he thinks about style and swagger:

The Heiress: Describe Your Style.

Kameron:    I don’t really have a specific style, I kinda just wear what I feel is dope you know… sometimes it can be loud, and sometimes it can be laid back or low-key I guess you can say, but usually it’s fitting, nothing really too baggy.

The Heiress: Who is your style icon-who do you look to for your style? 

Kameron:   I won’t say I have a style icon, but I definitely think it’s a lot of fresh celebrities, like Pharrell, Kanye West, Common, Chris Brown, and it’s a couple others I think are dope, but I really can’t think of them right now.

      The Heiress: What advice would you give others that are trying to define their style? 

Kameron:    Ummm.. Just be yourself; do your own thing, don’t necessarily be stuck on one thing either… Dare to be different.

      The Heiress: Do you think style is important for college students?

Kameron:   I mean style can be important because it can in some ways define who you are as a person in a way..but I don’t feel it’s absolutely necessary, because at the end of the day style is not going to get you into that career you want, unless your major has something to do with fashion or what not. Lol

      The Heiress: What look do you like best for girls on campus?

Kameron:   Umm for girls I love to see em in heels, that’s really dope to me, but I also wanna see her change it up a little bit and do a skinny jean look with some fresh kicks or something…Punk rockish maybe?? I dunno.

  The Heiress: When you first meet the opposite sex, what do you notice first about them?

  Kameron:    Shoe game…umm..maybe her outfit too…yea Ima just say what she has on?..

  The Heiress: What does it take for a person to have Swagger?

Kameron: I mean swagger is within yourself I feel… Swagger is like the way you do anything.. so just being yourself can mean you have swagger possibly..Swagger isn’t just style, but its like how you carry yourself.

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