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Saturday, March 7, 2009

What's Hot: Ariana's Point of View!

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed the interviews I did with these college students! But I just want to take a sec to give my 2 cents on having real fashion and style. 
Well ladies, it is important to always keep your hair, nails, and feet done! OMG!! This is key to having great style! No guy wants to see a girl with hair all over her head like she just woke up!  When you keep your nails and feet done, it just adds a little bit more spice to you! Another thing that is important for us ladies is to learn how to wear heels!! Despite what some guys may say, THE MAJORITY of men like women in heels! It adds flair and swagger to your outfit! Yes some guys may say they do not care, but look at who they love on t.v.: Beyonce, Rihanna, J. Lo, Keri Hilson, the list could go on, but all these ladies wear heels, dress up, and put on make-up, which makes them look exotic and super fly! This does not mean you have to wear heels 24/7, but it does mean you should always look put together! For the guys, I think just being neat and clean cut is key..I personally like guys that wear tighter fitting clothes, like pharrell/kanye, Jonas Brothers look, but whatever your style is, just make sure to be you! 


In Order from top to bottom: J. Lo, Rihanna, Beyonce, and Keri Hilson. 

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