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Friday, March 6, 2009

Who's Hot: Campus Students With Swagger


Kameron Harris: A student of Michigan State University, Kameron is majoring in Economics. (which I think is pretty cool!!) In my opinion, he is the flyest dude on campus! There is NEVER a day or time when I see kam looking busted or off point. He has a great personality, is smart, and stays fly! So here is an interview highlighting what he thinks about style and swagger:

The Heiress: Describe Your Style.

Kameron:    I don’t really have a specific style, I kinda just wear what I feel is dope you know… sometimes it can be loud, and sometimes it can be laid back or low-key I guess you can say, but usually it’s fitting, nothing really too baggy.

The Heiress: Who is your style icon-who do you look to for your style? 

Kameron:   I won’t say I have a style icon, but I definitely think it’s a lot of fresh celebrities, like Pharrell, Kanye West, Common, Chris Brown, and it’s a couple others I think are dope, but I really can’t think of them right now.

      The Heiress: What advice would you give others that are trying to define their style? 

Kameron:    Ummm.. Just be yourself; do your own thing, don’t necessarily be stuck on one thing either… Dare to be different.

      The Heiress: Do you think style is important for college students?

Kameron:   I mean style can be important because it can in some ways define who you are as a person in a way..but I don’t feel it’s absolutely necessary, because at the end of the day style is not going to get you into that career you want, unless your major has something to do with fashion or what not. Lol

      The Heiress: What look do you like best for girls on campus?

Kameron:   Umm for girls I love to see em in heels, that’s really dope to me, but I also wanna see her change it up a little bit and do a skinny jean look with some fresh kicks or something…Punk rockish maybe?? I dunno.

  The Heiress: When you first meet the opposite sex, what do you notice first about them?

  Kameron:    Shoe game…umm..maybe her outfit too…yea Ima just say what she has on?..

  The Heiress: What does it take for a person to have Swagger?

Kameron: I mean swagger is within yourself I feel… Swagger is like the way you do anything.. so just being yourself can mean you have swagger possibly..Swagger isn’t just style, but its like how you carry yourself.

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