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Monday, December 28, 2009

What's to come: Transform ya

2010 is the year for you to be transformed! It's all about becoming a better you and feeling your best! Try something new that will improve your image! If you usually wear nude polish, try Superstar Nail Lacquer's Pinks. If you don't wear accessories, try a necklace or fab earrings from Style Shoppe. Remember, accessories always improve your look about 10 notches! If your a girl that only wears sneakers, try wearing heels! You'll definitely turn heads. If you have a plain phone, jazz it up with Phone Candi's Blinged out cases! If your a male, try putting the jeans away and wear a suit! If your not happy with your body, lose weight and get fit!
The #1 thing to remember in 2010 is that your outer appearance tells a lot about your confidence and how you see yourself. So make sure you let others know that you think your beautiful, confident, and happy with life! People always want to do more for those that take care of themselves!

-The Heiress

Try a new hairstyle to change your look!

Men, try wearing a suit from time to time! Yes the Nike's are great, but dressing up makes you look and act more mature!

Try colors you wouldn't usually wear by Superstar Nail Lacquer

Guys and girls, work on your body so you can be fit and healthy for the New Year!

Ladies, try heels in 2010! Yes sneakers are comfy, but you'll love the reaction you get in heels ;)

Yes we know that he likes you chilling with no make-up on, but that's at the house! Put on some make-up when you go out! It'll upgrade you!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

(first two pics above from outside sources)

Minx nails are the new hottest trend to hit the nail industry! It is a way for your hands to be just as fashionable as you are! If you are not familiar with minx, don't worry, I'll help you right here! Simply put, Minx is a nail covering. It makes your nails standout, and depending upon what you like, your nails can look like 24K gold! The disappointing part about getting Minx Nails is that you can only get them in the big, fashionable cities! I attend college at Michigan State, so when I'm in East Lansing, there are nooo salons that do Minx!! Sad, I know! But Superstar Nail Lacquer has your answer! I use the color "Uptown Girl" to keep my nails fashionable and with current trend! Order your color today for only $10! While your ordering, try out some of the other colors Superstar Nail Lacquer has to offer!
<"Uptown Girl" on Nails!
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's Hot: Dr. Martens Boots

I was sooo excited when the mail came yesterday!! I opened the package, and sitting there were my Red Dr Martens boots!! OMG these boots are so hot for the season! I usually would get black in boots so that they would not look cheesy, but the red just popped!! I knew the red would be fab for the season, so I had to do get them! These boots were featured in the December 2009 Teen Vogue Magazine, and have been spotted on this season's runways, as well as celebrities: Amber Rose, Ciara, Agyness Deyn, and many others!

Source for pics:


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's Hot: Lashes Lashes & more Lashes

Last week I was soo excited to get my Jamaal Buster Lashes in the mail! I could not wait to bat my lashes at the world! I am so excited to say that I know Jamaal Buster. I had the opportunity to meet him this summer on a business trip to California, and the rest has been history! He has lashed out Beyonce, Rihanna, Martha Stewart, Fergie and his clientele goes for days! So ladies, you need to go to www.jamaalbuster.com and order your lashes today! I recommend Daddy's lil Girl and Wicked.

Here is the picture of my Daddy's Lil Girl lashes!

Source: opulent memoirs

Source: Access Hollywood