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Saturday, January 2, 2010

How I choose What's To Come for Superstar Nail Lacquer!!

We absolutely love fashion and are oh so crazy over color! Catch us late Saturday morning pouring over magazines vibing to the fast-rate exciting pulse of the fashion world, catching our colorvision for the next designer collection. Everything we do is inspired by color, what is fashion sans the powerful electric blue or a ritzy raspberry splash? Louis Vuitton Spring collection reflects the dawn of a new era, there’s something heartfelt about the razzy raspberry used in the collection, something, dare we say, ethereal about the golden accents found on the hardware details of the accessories. Not too mention the powerful pinks and corals found in Zac Posen’s spring line.

For months we collected fabric strips, paint swatches and magazine tear sheets, and pieced them all together on a vision board. The beautiful collection of color and textures is very inspiring. We often find it a pleasurable experience to meditate on what’s to come. Our new Successory Couture collection is filled with vibrant colors with high-powered names like Rising Star Raspberry and My Publicist Loves Pink. This new collection is dedicated to the working girl, committed to fashion and success.

Fashion is defined in color. So put on your rosy shades and take a look at what inspires us to create our designer polish collection!

Visit: www.superstarnaillacquer.com

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