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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What's to Come: New Songstress Alyxx Dione

Songstress, Alyxx Dione, is on her way to becoming the next big thing! Just take one look at her and you can see that there is greatness inside of her! Read on as we take a look into the life of this new young artist!

TheHeiress: When did you realize you wanted to do music?

Alyxx: I realized I wanted to do music around 11 years old. I just start writing and singing, and just took it from there!

TheHeiress: What are your passions in life?

Alyxx: My passion in life is to share my gift that God gave me, to the world. I have learned that your gifts and talents are not meant for YOU, they are meant for others. So I want to inspire people through my music, and show them that nothing is impossible.

TheHeiress: I see that you have a couple of music videos under your belt. What song was this for? How long did it take you to shoot the video? How did you get a video shoot? That's major!

Alyxx: Well I have one promo music video for my song "Obsession". It took about 4-5 hours to shoot. This guy named Glen Miller actually found me on Model Mayhem and offered to shoot my video for free. So I took him up on the offer and quickly went to work on finding my make-up artist. I picked out my outfits and accessories for the video, and I basically put the whole project together. Then the day of, everyone knew what was going on, so we went to work and did the video! It was very exciting to see something I put together come alive! I can't wait to shoot my real video.

TheHeiress: How did you get started in the singing industry? Did it just fall into your lap? Were you in a group before?

Alyxx: Well I wouldn't say I'm singing in the industry just yet! I'm working on that! I've met many top name people in the industry and I'm starting to build great business relationships but as you know, this industry is a very tough game, and I have been working very hard on it for years now. I will not stop until I feel like I have reached the top position, and done my best. Yes, I was in two groups before, they did not quite work out. I learned ALOT from being in those groups though!

TheHeiress: What is your contact information for booking, myspace, twitter, facebook...etc

Alyxx: The main email to contact me on is AlyxxDioneBookings@gmail.com I have twitter, which is Twitter.com/AlyxxDione and Myspace.com/TheRealAlyxx

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