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Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's Hot: Donating to those in Need!

This is long overdo, but I want to share with you all my experience at The D.R.O.P. ( Delivering Remedies to Other People) Project held at The Dream Center! This event was spectacular! It was put on and hosted by actor, Tyler James Williams and his family! When I say thousands, I mean thousands of people of all ages came to donate blood for those in need! This was my first time giving blood as a donation! I will admit that I thought it would hurt, but I made it!!! Superstar Nail Lacquer was present at the event to support Tyler and his wonderful family! Though the drive lasted from 9AM to about 4pm, it did not matter because all the positive energy that flooded the room, or should I say outdoors! Take a look at the pictures to see which celebs showed up and supported! Have fun!

Above: Tyler and I! My girl Angelique in the back talking to someone lol??? boo maybe? lol

Above: Irocc working with Tasha, trying to organize at 6AM!!

Above: My crew that I! They were the face painting section!

Above: Part of the Superstar Nail Lacquer table!

Above: Irocc supports Superstar Nail Lacquer!

Above: Irocc performs with Tyler and iQ

Above: Tyler and iQ supporting the drive!

Above: Mykelti Williamson from the movie ATL

Above: People getting in line to give blood!

Above: My friends!

Above: Sada K. and I (great singer)

Above: Giving blood!

Above: Being interviewed after giving blood!

Above: Tatyana Ali and I

Above: Using Superstar Nail Lacquer to paint nails!

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