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Monday, October 19, 2009

Who's Finally Famous: He goes by the name of Brandon Washington

Not everyday can you find a 22 year old college student that is successful, has a business, and is famous all at the same time! Well this weekend, The Heiress had the opportunity to interview a guy by the name of Brandon Washington. Not only is he young, but he happens to be the C.E.O of the company Finally Famous, I am proud to say that I am officially apart of Finally Famous! I could go on and on about this guy, but I'll let the interview speak for itself!

The Heiress: So you are the C.E.O. of the company Finally Famous. When and how did you come up with the idea to start this company?

Brandon: Yes I am and soon to be C.E.O of Finally Famous Music Group or something of that nature (laughs). Finally Famous really started to take form in the last few years of high school and well it wasn’t just my idea I just played the leading role. It was me and group of my close friends. We all attended different schools throughout the Metro Detroit area and not to brag or boast, but we were all pretty popular at our given schools. We knew everybody and it seemed like everyone was cool with us and we had good relationships with them (especially the females) (laughs). So once we got of age to throw events we said why not capitalize on our popularity? Also, there were not a lot of quality events people could go to where they didn’t have to worry about fights and things of that nature. So we also wanted to offer something new to people around our age, where they could come out and have a good time without all the nonsense. So we planned and promoted hard for our first event and it was a huge success and the ball kept rolling from there.

The Heiress: What is the meaning behind Finally Famous? Is it only for a certain type of people?

Brandon: The meaning behind “Finally Famous” may sound clichĂ©, but it’s really just that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to and if you work hard and believe you’re the best at your craft or what you do your “Finally Famous”. Anybody can be Finally Famous, no matter if your black, white, Asian, tall, short, or whatever its more so about a mind set.

The Heiress: I hear you have some major people affiliated with your company? Can you tell us a little about that?

Brandon: I mean we have a lot of people who support us and respect what we are trying to do so we are affiliated with many. I really don’t want to get into the name dropping, but of course Big Sean is the first to come to mind when you mention Finally Famous. He is an up and coming artist signed to G.O.O.D Music/Island Def Jam who I believe is on the verge of greatness and much success. He is a humble guy who works hard to be the best or “Finally Famous”. I am not just saying this because he is a good friend of mine either (laughs) he really is DOPE! Yall check him out for yourself though at www.uknowbigsean.com and download his mixtapes “Finally Famous” Vol. 1 and “UKnowBigSean/Finally Famous” Vol. 2! Oohh and “Finally Famous” Vol. 3 is coming soon! So get ready! Grab yourself a “I am Finally Famous” shirt as well. Ooohhh and one last thing I can’t forget we are also affiliated with this rather important young lady by the name of Ariana Pierce, you might know her? (laughs)

The Heiress: What are some events that you have done with your company? Any major event's coming up soon?! And am I invited??!!!

Brandon: We have done a variety of events, from parties, private parties, fashion shows, in-stores, to concerts. Probably our biggest event to date was one of our most recent annual events “SchoolzOut”. We had performances by Drake and Big Sean and a special guest appearance by Wale, it was a historic and memorable event. We are working on some major events now, no specific dates yet though. We will keep everybody on the edge of their seats (laughs). Of course your invited!! Your VIP and Finally Famous at that! (laughs)

The Heiress: I know there are young individuals who are asking right now how they can be apart of Finally Famous! How can they become a member? Are there any openings even left!! I mean you guys are blowing up!

Brandon: There is always room for growth! As long as you have a positive mind set and your focused on making progress you can be apart of Finally Famous. I believe that if you support anything we do, from music from Big Sean, Earlly Mac, Pat Piff, Jwan, Dusty McFly, to graphic work by Tommey Walker (www.tommeywalker.com) or photography by Dante Marshall (www.dantemarshall.com) then you are already apart of Finally Famous. We are looking to add Finally Famous College/Univ. Representatives from around the world though, so if people are interested email us at FinallyFamousRep@yahoo.com

The Heiress: You are such a successful young person that is making major moves! I mean I always hear about how you are working on your next business plan, and your only what, 21? So many young people are wanting to be like you! How do you feel about being a good example at such a young age?

Brandon: Well I appreciate the compliment! I believe if you are not busy, you are not important! So I try to stay working on something. I am 21, but I’ll be 22 on October 19th so everybody give me a gift when you see me! (laughs) It’s a beautiful thing that people look up to me and us (Finally Famous) it feels good to know you can have a positive impact on people’s lives. In today’s world many need role models or people to look up to, so I and we embrace it. Matter of fact we are working on starting a high school version of Finally Famous headed by my younger brother Blake and sister Shanice. We want to give back to the youth and keep the movement going with our younger generation. I am still young myself and not perfect, but who is!

Ending Remarks: I hope for continued success for you Ms. Pierce and thanks for the interview, you made me feel important (laughs) Hey there! To all my Finally Famous brothers I didn’t mention, you know who you are. IamFinallyFamous.com coming soon!! Everyone follow us on twitter at @ImFinallyFamous and become a supporter on Facebook by adding our Finally Famous page. WE ARE NOTHING WITHOUT OUR SUPPORTERS, WE LOVE YALL!!! WHATUPDOE!!!!

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