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Friday, October 2, 2009

What's New: The Heiress Takes Louis Vuitton by storm!

October 1, 2009 I was invited to a Private showing at Louis Vuitton at Somerset in Troy, Michigan. It was a charity event for "S.A.Y. DETROIT", which is a foundation that helps Detroit's homeless. The guest of the event included Troy's elite, sports figures, business owners, the owners of somerset mall, author Mitch Albom, the Vice President of Louis Vuitton, and many more! Everyone at the event loved the bag I was carrying because it's so exclusive! There are no more being made actually. A couple of individuals were spotted with other shapes of the bag, but the one I have is the largest and most rare! So I loved that! The Infiniti Essense Concept was also featured. The $2.4 million concept mixed it up with Louis Vuitton luggage! It was the most beautiful piece of art ever! I was also sooooo ecstatic about buying my Louis Vuitton Reversible Belt! When I say hotness, I mean HOTNESS! Take a step into the Louis Vuitton Event for yourself!

Above: Pre-party pic! The Exclusive Louis Bag!

Above: These are just up close pics of the Louis Bag I carried yesterday!

Above: On our way to Louis Vuitton

Above: We're here! Welcome to Louis Vuitton!

Above: The Vice President of Louis Vuitton

Above: The Beautfiul $2.4 million Infiniti Essence

Above: Shopping in Louis

Above: Pictured here with Sean! My mom and I's salesmen! He so hot!

Above: The girls Pictured in front of Louis!

Above: The picture speaks for itself! This is art!

Above: The Infiniti!! How hot is that car, especially in front of Louis.

Above: The event brought business men, the elite, and the famous!

Above: Louis is a girls BEST friend!

Above: Ahhh can you see my matching phone candy! Yep I own Phone Candy so order from me!

Above: I said, "Just throw it in the bag!" The goodies I was given from Louis!

Above: This is the purchase I got yesterday! It's the reversible Louis Belt. Black on one side, LV initial monogram on the other!

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