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Friday, April 17, 2009


 Her fans adore her!

  Looking fly as Mia would say lol!

How excited was I, when I found out that I was able to do an interview with Mia Johnson! She is the sweetest girl ever! Mia is a student athlete at Michigan State University. She plays on the women's basketball team and is definitely a star! Even though she is one of the most popular players at MSU she remains humble; taking time to talk to her fans and supporters! 
Well enough about what I have to say about her, let's get to the interview I conducted with Mia this weekend:

The Heiress: What challenges do you have as a student athlete that other students don't have? 

Mia: Having to balance both worlds...

The Heiress: What is it like being a star athlete at MSU? Are there more responsibilities put on you?

Mia: It's great to be apart of an elite program. A lot is given so a lot is expected. 

The Heiress: Who is your role model? And who is the biggest inspiration in your life? 

Mia: My role model is my mother. She is very strong, caring, and positive. My biggest inspiration is my older sister Brittany, she is such a great person who keeps me going! 

The Heiress: Acquiring minds want to know what are your plans after graduation? It's approaching so fast! 

Mia: I plan on going overseas and then getting into college coaching after my basketball career is over.

The Heiress: So in some of your pictures I see that you were looking really cute!! Any guy that tries to step better come through me first! I gotta check em! lol No but, do you like dressing up? How would you describe your style?

Mia: I don't really like to dress up but I do sometimes. My style is FLY that's all I can say!!! One day you will see me in sweats and the next day in a dress...

The Heiress: Lastly, is there any cool secrets the fans can know about student athletes that most don't know? We want something JUICY lol!

Mia: Many of us do NOT, I repeat DO NOT have healthy diets, we just workout so much that we look like we do... Many of us also wish we could be "regular" students on campus to enjoy the entire college experience.

comment this blog with your love and support for Mia! We want her to know we appreciate her before she graduates!


  1. we LOVE you MIA!!! we are all going to miss you!!!!!

  2. Awww, Ari... This is very nice, FLY as you would say, thanks girl... You're such a coo person, u have a FLY personality too.. Best wishes!!!

  3. I used to play high school basketball and didn't get the chance to play in college, so I found this is a GREAT and inspiring interview. I like how Mia has a realistic but excellent plan for her future, and wishes to share her experience, knowledge, and "flyness" (lol) with other college students as a coach! Mia, you're awesome! Much success to you after graduation.

  4. Ari I forgot to tell u that I dunked on her prior to you posting this interview. So whenever you ready, I can let you know how that experience was dunking on such a talented ball player that is almost better than me. No rush,, whenever u get time lol

  5. I love this blog! because as me becoming a student-athlete in the fall it helps to have great people before you! you alays ant someone to set the tone and be fly while there doing it!!! to mia: I wish great success and congrats to you for all your accomplishments!!!