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Friday, February 26, 2010

What's Hot: How to do a style board!

I got tons of comments and questions on how to do a style board. So I took the time to make a video and give you the steps on how you can create your board today! Send me pics of your style board when they are finished to superstarnaillacquer@gmail.com. I would love to post some of your creations here on the blog!


  1. I love this video! It's so inspiring and makes me want to go buy a bunch of magazines and paste up something fun and pretty for my future. Thank you Ari for this blog, it's so stylish and keeps me in the know.

  2. vision boards really do work whenever i look at my current boards i receive a jolt of inspiration and it triggers the manifestation of ideas and opportunities!

  3. Although I learned how to complete vision and style boards from your mom I really enjoyed the video. I already got one major piece from my board for the upcoming Spring season which is a cute hat. I will make sure to send you a pic of the board and the hat soon. Also the videos are a cool touch to your blog! Dont end the writing completely though. From one writer to another you have a capturing way of writing.

  4. Thanks for this video. I like it.

  5. Thanks for the information about Style board.I made one for my school,internships and of course style.