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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's Hot: Grammy Gifting Suites

The Grammys were fantastic this year!! I had the most fabulous weekend in LA! The first post of the week takes you behind the scenes to a Grammy Gifting Suite I attended. This gifting suite was very fashion forward. There were new up and coming designers, singers, actors, as well as stylist! Anybody who is anyone attended the event! I scored a swagg bag that was filled with a Unity Braclet from Negris Lebrum Clothing Co., Binaca breath spray, cookies from Arlanas, a beautiful ring from Dr. Traci Lynn, and so much more! I also enjoyed the photo ops! At each station, I was asked to take a pic with the company's products so they could use it for promotion! You know the Heiress is ALWAYS ready to take pics.
The outfit I wore got so much attention! Everyone kept saying, "Your jacket is so Janet Jackson!" I felt so hot in the military jacket! The color was lime green which is a perfect color for this upcoming season.

Above: Celebrity Stylist Anthony Henderson

Above: Editor for BE! Magazine, Christoper Mannor

Above: Dennise L.A. White

Above: Stereohogzz

Above: Rochelle Aytes

Above: Barry Floyd

Above: Rich Girl

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