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Thursday, February 4, 2010

What's Hot: Experiencing Katsuya

While in LA last weekend for business, I was able to have an early Birthday celebration at Katsuya. All my closest friends and family came to celebrate me. Katsuya is one of the hottest spots to be caught dinning at. This is such a hot spot that paparazzi wait directly outside the door to photograph any celebrities that decide to dine there. This causes for any and everyone to be fashionable, hot, and dressed to impress. I decided to do the "all black everything" theme with a touch of gold! The outfit definitely stole the show with the help of my chunky black and gold Style Shoppe necklace which is totally in for spring 2010 !
Not only did the heiress receive gifts for her birthday, but all the guest received gift bags too! I love to give even when it's my birthday. They received Green chic gift bags designed by Sheryl Crow for Whole Foods that included: Two Moms In The Raw, Teen Vogue Magazines, and Red Velvet Sprinkles Cupcakes!
I loved how fashionable all my guest looked! We all had black attire that was so high fashion, which caused us to be the most talked about table at Katsuya. The management there had to ask if our party was made up of models! I guess it pays to look good! ;)

Above: Outside of Katsuya!

Above: Inside Katsuya

Above: Pictured with Dahvi from E! Online

Above: The guest with their Sheryl Crow gift bags

Above: Inside katsuya with the girls

Above: The lovely party :)

Above: When the party was over; hanging with Q

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