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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Part 2: Interview with Quincy Brown and Irocc Williams

In part 1 with my interview with Irocc and Quincy, I reported what the guys were up to in Lansing, Michigan. They were speakers at the Young People's Success Conference 2009, and discussed what it took to make it in the music business. They also discussed their new projects and singles that were out including their single, "Mr. Right", done by Irocc, Quincy, and a missing partner, Tyler James Williams (Everybody Hates Chris). They explained what Mr. Right meant, saying that they were Mr. Right for the ladies, and that they were the "Boaz" (or ideal guy) of our day. So me being curious, took the time to ask if there was a "Ruth" (Mrs. Right) in their life. Take a look to see what the boys had to say:

The Heiress:
So is there a "Ruth" in your life?

Both: No not yet, right now we are focusing on our careers.

The Heiress: Well moving on from that, how do you all deal with hate or haters?

Irocc: You are supposed to have haters. I probably have like 20 haters and want to move up to 60 haters! What I'm saying is that if you do not have haters, then you must not be doing much in life!

Quincy: As far as hating goes my mom and grandmom sensed that this would be a problem. They taught me to ease down and don’t take it to heart. To not let anything get to me. People out there are just trying to destroy you. I will always listen to my mom and grandmom though, what they say, I know is right, and what they say goes.
(Quincy with mother Miss Kim Porter)

The Heiress:
What was your personal experience being here in MSU country?

Irocc: We had the best conversation ever. Doctor James Pierce was talking to us about how to deal with this success in life and how to have the right people in your corner. There are people that you need in your corner. Learning who’s for you and who’s against you is key. Knowing that no matter what you do, the people in your corner will be there for you. You also need spiritual leaders in your corner that can help guide you in the right way. Everything is a planned thing nothing just happens.

Quincy: Like Rocc was saying, Doctor Pierce just broke down life to us. He really broke it down from every type of level that I’ve ever wondered. The Pierce family is one I can go to not just for help but just to talk to. You may have others that are close to you but sometimes you may get into fights with your close family or friends. I feel like I have them (Pierce Family) to come to and they will build me up. It doesn’t take much for people to try to bring you down. Especially in 2009, things are complicated. One thing that doc told me was don’t be in a rush for things. Once you understand something from all points then move ahead.

The Heiress: So what did you all get from the 2009 Young People's Success Conference:

From the success conference, I realized that people want to hear what I have to say. With over 25,000 twitter followers, every adjustment I make matters, when I start adjusting toward achievement, my followers start adjusting toward achievement. So I make sure that I make adjustments that matter.

Irocc: My voice for young people really matters, they are holding on to my words. Since words are containers and they create, I’m careful about what I say so that I’m creating achievers in life.

The Heiress: If there is one last thing you want to tell your fans, what is it?

Irocc: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: twitter.com/iroccwilliams
add me on myspace: myspace.com/iroccwilliams
subscribe to my youtube channel: youtube.com/irocctv

Quincy: Don’t believe what you hear (in the news). Whatever you see me do is what’s happening with me. Also, I will have a new album in the fall coming out.
Because I’m fresh and new to the game, I probably will be throwing out a few mix tapes, so be looking out for that.

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The Heiress: Last thing is, my brand is The Billionheirs Club. How do you feel about being a part of my club of leaders. Do you want to be on board for other outreach projects. We’re leaders that can change peoples lives for the better!

Quincy: Well we are strong individuals by ourselves, but we’re a whole different story when we are combined. It’s defined as a take over!

The Heiress: So my partner Audrey, took the time to ask the guys what they thought about me! I was so humbled and appreciative of how they viewed me! :)

Irocc: Ariana has six books! She’s amazing. She is Holding it down.

Quincy: When I found out what Ariana does I was shocked. It makes my brain hurt thinking about what she’s going to be doing ten years from now.

The Heiress: Thank you all for viewing my interview with Irocc Williams and Quincy "iQ" Brown. Make sure to keep coming back to The Billionheir Club Blog to see exclusive celebrity interviews and fashion advise!

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Pictures from the Young People's Success Conference 2009:

The Crowd having a huge dance-off!

Irocc and iQ signing autographs for hundreds of young people!

Irocc Williams and Whitney from the movie Gran Torino!

iQ, Irocc, and Mr. Del perform at the Project Makeover Concert!

If you would like any additional information or tickets to the 2010 Young People's Success Conference which will feature Irocc Williams and Quincy "iQ" Brown, plus many more celebrity surprises go to www.womensuccessconference.com

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