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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Who's Hot: Quincy Brown and Irocc Williams in Lansing, MI! Part 1

As we sat around the table, in the kitchen where it all goes down, I prepared to do my interview with Quincy "iQ" Brown and Irocc Williams, and I was blown away by being able to be in their presence! These boys are on the up and coming scene as being the hottest new rappers! Quincy Brown is the Son of the BEAUTIFUL Kim Porter and Diddy Combs. He is on his way to becoming a mega-star!
Irocc Williams is a rapper who has been on the scene since he was a young boy. He works under the famous producer, Darkchild, producing music for today's hottest artist. Take a look at the interview I conducted with these two young men about life and style:

The Heiress: So I know you guys are from Los Angeles! What's the hottest thing there?

Irocc: Pop is the biggest thing in L.A. right now. It's really strong there. The style is like skater boy. I don't skate, by my style is evolved more around my sneakers. My favorite pair of shoes are the limited edition 1975 Adidas. They don't have them in LA but you can get them at Scoop in NY.

Quincy: Something that I'm not into as a guy but is hot in LA is skinny jeans...not my style. I'm crazy about shoes, and their colors! My mom just had a meeting with creative recreation and they gave me a couple of shoes! My favorite pair are these Black and Yellow ones I was given.
Oh and the hottest dance right now is the Jerk!

The Heiress: LOL Can you do the Jerk?

Quincy: Well I wanna know how to do it, but I won't really be rockin it

Irocc: They up on the Jerk, it's from ATL.. LA is kinda late on it though!

The Heiress: So did you all enjoy the conference? Will you be back next year?

Quincy: The experience was something to come back for year after year. To break it down on a more personal level and be out there, it's more than just a concert, it's a chance for you to get into the minds of the people. Being successful is what every person wants to be, any help that you can provide to help others be successful is a beautiful thing.

The Heiress: Wait guys, I'm going to open my garage band so I can record this!

Quincy: Being a role model for young people to look up to us is awesome. It's good to help others and break it down and help others be successful.

Irocc: I'm coming back to the conference! At first I was like this is going to be interesting, having three guys at this conference. And the ratio of women to guys was crazy. But there were guys at the conference and they were interacting with us as well. This one kid gave us a business card that was amazing! His card made us feel like he had been doing it for years! It's amazing to see the affect that you guys have over the kids! The way you guys brought the whole thing together is great!

The Heiress: I noticed you all performed some unreleased songs! Can you tell us about them?

Irocc: I performed "You held me down" which is a song I did with Elijah Kelly from Hairspray. It's fresh out the studio! I just love this song so much! It's such a great crowd performing song!

Quincy: My song was called "On top of the World". It's time to celebrate and make sure people know you're on top of the world.

Irocc: We did a song together called "Mr. Right", but one of our members was missing who is Tyler Williams (Everybody Hates Chris).

The Heiress: What's the meaning of the song Mr. Right?

Irocc: We're the Boaz. I'm Mr. Right! We know that girls are looking for Mr. Right.

The Heiress: So is there a "Ruth" in you guys life yet?
...Do you want to know the answer, well you will have to log on to our next entry!
Check back to see what the guys have to say!!


  1. lol ok i see you tryna be all fresh and funky fresh lol

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