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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who's Hot: Big Sean! Finally Famous! Fly Union! Mike Posner!

Last week I went to an event at Michigan State University hosted by Cliff "Skighwalker" and DJ Steph Floss! It was put on by the RHA team headed by my friend Rodney James! Rodney put the whole event together and made it a big success! Tons of students showed up as we rocked to Fly Union, Big Sean, and Mike Posner! When I say that ALL these guys can dress, I mean it 100%! The Heiress gives them a 10! Thanks to Rod, I was able to have backstage passes for the night! Enjoy the pics!

Comment and let me know what you think about these artist!

Above: Big Sean performing!

Above: Tone on stage!

Above: Fly Union Performing

Above: Mike Posner Performing!

Above: Some of the "Finally Famous" Crew, I believe that is Anthony!

Above: With rapper Big Sean! Check out his outfit, the louis, the BAPE, the POW jewelry...

Above: Rodney and I..... the V-neck shirt on guys is pretty nice!

Above: Cliff and I...Cliff has on Burn Rubber gear!

Above: Tone and I! BAPE once again! I love it!

Above: My outfit for the night!

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